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Today is: Saturday, February 5th 2005

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Frequently Asked Questions


I.                      General Rule

1.   What is the general rule of thumb to follow?

The number one rule to follow with your computer difficulties is to restart your machine. Shut it down, restart it, and attempt your task again. If you still are experiencing problems, please contact us.


II.                     Account Info

1.      Do you have questions regarding your bill or on the status of your account?

If you have a billing question, an e-mail can be sent to or we can be reached during normal business hours at (810) 984-3488.


2.      Do you need more e-mail accounts?

Your Advanced Net account includes a primary e-mail address (your logon name, along with 4 additional e-mail addresses at no extra charge! If you require more e-mail accounts, they can be purchased at $2/month or 20/year.


3.      Web space?


4.      What if I forget my password?

To recover a lost password, the account holder must come into our store and show a photo-ID. We will verify a password over the phone, but they cannot be given out.


III.                   Connection Issues

1.      Why don’t I connect at 56K?

Phone line restrictions, modem capabilities, driver files, and weather conditions can all affect the speed of your connection. If you are experiencing low speeds, it is most likely a result of one of the items listed, because we supply every customer with the same speed.


2.      How do I configure my DNS for your service?

Advanced Net no longer requires specific DNS numbers to be used. Our servers automatically assign your IP address and DNS numbers.


3.      Why don’t I have a dial tone?

If you receive an error message stating no dial tone while attempting to connect, check the phone cord connection from the wall to the modem. If both connections are secure, take a separate phone and phone line and attach them to the wall jack that the computer uses. If you do not receive a dial tone, then the line is dead and you need to contact your local phone company. If you get a dial tone, you may have modem issues that require technical assistance.


      4.   Why do I get a busy signal when I dial up?

If you receive a busy message when attempting to dial, try calling from a regular phone in your household. If you get a busy signal again, then we are may have technical difficulties. If you get through, try again or check your Internet account settings.


5.      Why do I receive an ‘Invalid Username or Password’ message?

There are a few reasons why you may receive this error message. Check the following list: 1) make sure you do not use any capital letters in your username or password, as they are not allowed by our servers; 2) in the connection box that asks for your username, be sure to type only the username and not the e-mail address; 3) are you current on your bill payments?


6.      How do I disable call waiting?

For many phone companies, adding a [ *70 ] before the phone number will disable the call waiting feature. Check with your local phone company for the code to disable call waiting.



7.      Why do I get disconnected?

Disconnections may occur for different reasons. Do you have your account settings selected to automatically disconnect after a period of inactive use? Check to see if you do. You may need to update your modem drivers to the latest release if you have frequent disconnections. Also, check to make sure there is no static on your phone line. Use a regular phone to listen for static.


8.      Why does my PC disconnect after I receive e-mail?

If you are using a Windows-based e-mail client (i.e. Outlook Express), the program may be set to automatically disconnect after sending or receiving e-mail(s). Check your settings and make necessary changes if this is so.


9.      How do I stop Spam!?

If you receive too much Spam, try to unsubscribe from the mail servers that are sending the messages. If that fails, you can block addresses from which the e-mails are sent. Advanced Net offers a Spam filter/Antivirus service for $2/month or $20/year that will help reduce the Spam you receive. If all else fails, you can change your e-mail address to avoid Spam.




If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (810) 984-3488 or send us an e-mail at



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